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Welcome to RekStyle Entertainment, home of Roger’s Acting and Herbal Wise Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Roger Kern, founder of RekStyle Entertainment. This site was created for the purpose of promoting the crafts of

anything to do with the entertainment industry, focusing on the crafts of acting, both on

stage and screen, as well as film making and directing. Rogers Acting Tips is now

launched (, and will be focusing specifically on these crafts. In

fact, our Grand Opening Spring Sale is happening now!

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Acting Classes For Beginners Los Angeles with Roger Kern is where I share my top secrets about acting that I've learned over the past 35 years. Make sure you send me an email when you subscribe for free at my site, and I'...

It's funny how one idea often spawns another! As my team and I developed the concept

for Rogers Acting Tips, we all found that it took a super amount of concentration, hard

work, and practical experience in these arts in order to convey valuable, understandable

and useable products from which people could start to create their own methods of

creating entertainment for stage and screen.

(Below are examples of practicing our craft: a clip from my latest feature film

appearance in "Through The Woods", followed by a photo of my current stage

appearance in "Wartime Romance" **)

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Through The Woods with Roger Kern

Roger Kern in his latest feature film appearance! is where I share my top secrets about acting that I've learned over the past 35 years. Make sure you send me an em...



efforts of

practicing our

craft while creating informational/educational products for our fellow aspiring artists

require a lot of energy and the team became tired and stressed. About that time, I remembered that someone once said the tenth commandment of the theater according

to Stanislavsky is, “thou shalt maintain good health”. So we put together a nutrition

and supplements site called Herbal Wise Supplements ( so

we could make sure we were supplementing our nutrition with things that might be

missing from our diet! The results have been awesome. Less stress, more energy!

Now that both sites are launched, up and running, we’re expecting to inspire an entire company of energetic, healthy, happy actors, directors and theater artists! 

Again, welcome, please enjoy Rekstyle Entertainment’s websites, and feel free to

contact us with any feedback, comments or questions. Happy creating everyone!

We hope to see you again soon! Check back later for new updates to our website.

There's much more to come!

**(to see more of Roger's credits look him up om !)